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Tips to save you from frauds in online International deals

                                                                                                       Super tips to save you from frauds in online International deals!

The more trading gets easier with online availability, the more it goes risky for both parties to trust each other. We don’t say that there is no reliability in online deals but there are a lot of fraudulent parties waiting for their golden chance. In such a case, rather than wasting your time in planning out to eliminate all of them, one can just improve their self-awareness. It will help your business to grow gradually without any loss and guilt. Overseas deals are the best way to earn huge revenue in a short duration of time. Something might cost a handsome price in your country but on the other hand, it would be as cheap as water in another one. Such situations work fine for overseas importers and exporters. In modern times, access to this opportunity has become easier. It is both a boon and a blessing for the traders. Due to the easy availability and access, anyone can act as a genuine dealer without proper authorization and goods. Lately, many of us are aware of it very well. Still, there should be a certain measure to recognize these fraudsters first hand. We have accumulated some proven tips and tricks for your security. Let’s have a note on these suitable measures for well being of our businesses.

  • Payment details

Yes, this can also play a vital role in helping you know your dealer better. We often tend to fix the deals on our wanted bid and never go for further discussion about payment. One should go for payment details quickly after the fixation of the deal. At the time of working with overseas clients, confirm that your client has a PayPal account. If they deny it or assure you to manage it later. Don’t fall for it. You can’t coincidentally be their first overseas customer or dealer. Even if you are happening to be their first big fish in the market then always rely on samples and go for small shipment in an earlier phase. It would help in building up the trust between both of you. Always initiate the valuation of your dealer’s PayPal account. It gives an accurate identification of the person you are dealing with overseas.

  • Address

When we say address, not only the place name and further details of the dealer but also online presence. As the technology has made it easier to deal with clients overseas for the fraudsters. It has also given the access and advantage of the advanced tracking system and location identification. If they say that the office or a certain person lives somewhere overseas. Ask them the address in detail. Don’t miss even a narrow lane or landmark. Try to know about the references and popular stuff of their hometown. Still, some smart fraudsters would be opening the Google maps at the same time to answer your questions. In such a case, you can confirm their reliability by asking for current location sharing access only. This is very unlikely for them to trick you with the current location but what if the fraudsters are using their temporary address. You should also ask for the online website address and take a close look at every detail. This is a critical situation for you to tackle. Yet, there is nothing to be disappointed about it. As we have got a few more additional tips that would strengthen your search operation about the dealer.

  • Visuals

Here comes the super-strong hammer on the dark mind of the fraudsters. If you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned tips and want to be fully assured about your security. Then nothing would work better than this. Not just see their smiling faces and hang up the call. Go for visuals of the warehouse or stocks of the goods available there. If someone is genuine and eager to deal with you then it is just a two-minute task for them. No company would like to lose their precious customer just for the sake of a two-minute video call. Also, match them with their online available pictures to know if it’s them. Also, ask them to show you the receipt or bills of previous deals. Track their shipment address. One should present a minimum of 5-10 shipment details in one go and then there are absolutely no doubts about the genuineness of the respective dealer.

  • Customer reviews

It will also help you to know about the quality and reliability of the dealer and product. If possible contact the respective customers for some genuine details. They won’t mind boasting about their trusted business partners. This can be a little bit hesitant. It is not the most necessary step yet it helps in a slight perception about the party you are willing to deal with in the future. Some fraudsters use paid reviews on their sites and this clears the fog in mind better than anything else. Paid reviewers are not interested in the growth or development of the respective sites and businesses they worked for. They just work for money and help these fraudsters swift away easily.


Beyond every tip and trick, we want to cut the chase for you. These tips and tricks are well proven and we have found a list of some genuine dealers. It would save your time and efforts. We can name a few trusted and tested suppliers for Indian imitation jewelry. They have been in this business for a long time and have a good market image.

These companies have multiple branches in India. CZ makers are indulged in mass production of CZ jewelry for recognizable years now. The quality of their products and reliability of service is equally appreciable. The company has successfully acquired a vast market abroad for its principles and values. They also have unmatchable deals for every type of customer. Someone willing to gain profit in the CZ jewelry business must come in contact with CZ makers.