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Success Stories with CZ Makers

Mrs. Tessy Mmoneke                                               

Shop 447, Block 10, Textiles, GL, ATP, Trade Fair, Ojo,

Lagos State , Nigeria


Mrs. Tessy was an aspiring beginner when she placed an inquiry on our Facebook advert on a fine day of January 2017. Though she did not have a huge budget in the start, what she had was immense positivity and unending enthusiasm. Staring with a basic purchase of 50 pieces she began her journey with us in high hopes.


As days passed, and she started getting a good fame of a seller having good quality and durable jewelleries and word spread like wildfire in here state and customers were not only coming from Ojo but from other cities in Lagos too.


 With further strategic marketing with the help of our marketing team in Facebook she was able to reach the word out to other states of Nigeria too. After her first stock ending in just 2 weeks and she making nearly 70% additional profit after recovering her investment she returned next for a volume double than before. In the mean time she got into an agreement with local logistic companies to ship her goods to the customer who could not visit her in Ojo.