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Are you Planning to start your Own Online Fashion Jewellery Business?


Well, there is good news for those who wants to start their own Online Fashion Jewellery business. We are going to provide you this facility.

A well-maintained E-com website can help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry and improve your business image. Developing your website offers many benefits including helping you get more leads and prospects, increase sales, enhance your professional brand, and improve your customer service.

Following are the features and highlights of the website distributor ship programme: -

  • The Ownership of the Website Domain Name will be yours. 
  • The website will contain almost 2000 live products. You may, of course, choose which categories to display in your site.
  • We will regularly upload New Designs in your site and delete the ones which are out of stock.
  • You can set Your Profit Margins separately for each type of Jewellery.
  • You can change Themes/Fonts/Banners of the site by yourselves. It does not need any professional training.
  • You can accept payments from customers by Credit card and Debit cards via PayPal.
  • There will be 'Login' and 'Register' section on your site. You have the option to show the Prices before or after login at your website.
  • Your Website is similar to Please check the for an Idea
  • You will have full access to the Control panel and Admin panel of your site.


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding this Program:


  • What is the E-Distributorship offer by CZ Makers?

E-Distributorship is a unique online E-com based business opportunity to resell more than 7000 unique and world class CZ jewellery manufactured by CZ Makers through your own Website or Brand - designed, developed and maintained by CZ Makers, where you can put your own profit margin to sell in retail and wholesale to entire world and CZ makers will drop ship your orders by your name or brand only.

  •  Is this an e-commerce website or normal website you get?

Yes, an e-commerce website you will get with PayPal integrated to your website to receive Payments from entire world without any communication with the clients.

E-Commerce websites are the online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the Internet. In the early days, e-commerce was done partially through emails and phone calls.


  • Who will be eligible to avail this opportunity? 

Those who are passionate about online business oppotunies and has interest to cater Fashion Industry in retail or wholesale and has capacity to promote the business in Social Media Platforms, to do Digital makerting and SEO of his own brand or business and has a longterm vison are eligible to the business.


  • Do we need (compulsory) to buy any stock?

          No, you do not need to buy any stock in this distributorship. hence, it is advised if you are new to the industry you must buy some samples to have the proper idea that what exactly you are selling and when you are confident about the product and its efficency to impress people , you will have trust to invest much on Marketing.


  • How is the shipment charged?

CZ Makers will provide the actual rate chart provided by the Shipping Companies like DHl and FedEx, to all its distributors. Hence we will put all the shipping charges while delivering the website to the distributors, so when a customer will checkout from his/her cart, shipping will be automatically charged.

while to have some idea about Shipping Charges you can refer the following links too,


  • As CZ Makers ships goods directly to my customers, is there any ways that my customers can see CZ makers name or location or website in any case? Will your product contain your tag or your Company Name? 

We take the following steps to deliver your parcels to your customer without revealing our identity. Please have a look. -

  • We deliver your parcel to your customer with your name and our residential address. The address mentioned on the site will never be mentioned on your parcels.
  • We remove all the products code mentioned over the items.
  • While placing the order for your customer in our site you will get a section of writing the shipping address where you need to mention your customers address with your phone number.
  • As you fear that they will come to know that the goods are coming from India then you can tell them that your manufacturing unit is located in India so you dispatch the orders from India.

In these ways, we will help you out in dealing with your customer directly without disclosing our information.

  •  Will the website you'll create for me, have my company/Brand name as the website address?

    Yes, that is the most exciting part of the Distributorship as you are promoting your own brand or business, instead of others. we will design a website for you with your company name & logo and you will be selling the goods by your company/brand name.


  •  Once I sign up how long will it take to develop the website and get started?

    When you confirm the agreement and remit the payment, we will start processing your website from the next day and It will take one week to develop and get started.


  •  If the customer places an order which accounts the money will go in how will it be processed from there?

    If the customer places the order it will be credited to your account as we will link your PayPal account with your site. After confirming the payment, you need to place the same order in our website using your account with us. Then we will process the order and drop ship to the customer.


  •  How long will it take a customer to receive their order?

After receiving the Order and Payment from the Distributor, CZ Makers will dispatch Distributor’s goods within 24 hours as instructed by the Distributor (the address given by the distributor). Delivery time is depending on different country. check the link of the delivery times.


  •  Will you drop ship for us?

Yes, we will drop ship the items to your customers on behalf of the distributors with their company’s name. We will also provide you with the tracking Id of the parcel after dispatch so that you can give that to your customers.


  •   Are there any Charges of drop shipping?

There are no additional charges of Drop-shipping. You need to pay for only shipping charges and the shipping will be charged on the volumetric weight on the orders less than 250 USD. We will charge the same what DHL will charge from us so we will provide you with the DHL rate chart.


  •  In case if the business doesn't run due to many reasons. Can I cancel this contract, what is the cancellation policy?


Distributorship will be cancelled by CZ Makers on the following situations:

  • If CZ Makers find that distributor is no more interested in business.
  • If CZ Makers find the distributor is not responding to customers’ enquiry in a timely manner.
  • If any distributor finds not a profitable business and wishes to cancel by themselves.

    In such cases of cancellation, the domain will be provided to any other distributor. The new distributor may contact any of the past customers of the distributor.


  •  What if the customer received a damaged item or didn't like what they received.  What is the return policy? 

 Here we want to inform you that we have three-level quality checking before packing the goods so that customers receive the goods intact. However, there could be certain circumstances beyond our control where you could receive damaged or defective products. In such cases, it will be your responsibility to let us know about it within 48 hours of receipt of the goods and before using the product. You may return us the damaged goods and we will take effective measures to replace the product to your satisfaction. can check the link to know the process in details.

Please note that when you send us the goods you will have to bear the shipping cost and when we send the goods back to you after repairing them we will do so at our cost. Please do not request us to change the goods. We can only repair the jewellery and send it back to you. Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged...But since shipping the items back to us costs our customers a lot, so we mainly ask our customers not to do so and we compensate 50% of the value of the item.


  •  What should be the minimum order value?

   Minimum order value for our distributors starts from 50 USD. You can take single orders too.


  •  Minimum 50 USD is hard to get so if I combine the orders for different customers to reach the minimum purchase, the shipments will be to a different address or one address?

 No, the per shipment order value should be at least 50 USD. But if the order value is 100 USD then It can be split into two shipments.


Benefits of E-Commerce Websites

1- Increase your customer’s trust:

A beautifully designed and creatively developed website can generate trust for your customers. The complete description of your company with all your credentials helps to gain trust of your customer.

2- Accessibility & Easy

Now-a-days e-Commerce converts one of the favourite ways of shopping because online shopping an easy and convenience. With the help of e-Commerce anyone can purchase goods or services from their home at any time.

The greatest thing about it is purchasing opportunities that are rapid, appropriate and user-friendly with the capability to transfer funds online. Because of its accessibility, buyers can save their lots of time and money by searching their goods easily and making buying online.

3- Search Engine Visibility:

Online marketing is also motivating by traffic of organic customers. This can increase the number of those customers who really searching for the products which you have. More Search Engine Visibility will attract more people to your e-commerce website.

4- Keep an Eye on your Customers’ Buying Habit:

An E-commerce trader keep a continuous eye on their customers buying habits and comforts to know their suggestion. By satisfying their requirements continuously, you can increase your continuing relationship with them and build long-term relations.

5- Selling Products globally (worldwide)

If you are running a store, that’s great but it will be bounded the region for which you can provide service, but on the other hand with an e-Commerce website, you can sell your goods and services globally (worldwide). The complete world becomes your market, where you can trade your whole variety of goods.

6- Services provided 24*7/365:

Those who have E-commerce website (online store) can remain open their stores 24/7/365. This is a way to increase their sales by increasing their number of orders. Though, it is also helpful you’re your customers as they can buy products when they need no matter whether it is morning or midnight.

7- How does e-commerce help a business grow?

The advantage of e-commerce website and online selling is a direct gateway to expanding and creating a more stable and cost-effective sales channel for your small business.


  • Charges or Fees for website Distributorship: 

Website Distributorship fees are subject to the development work that a individual wants. It can varies upon the features that one want to add in their website. There are two plan Named as Gold and Platinum with different facilities and outlook. you need to contact the following Number or Email to get more details about those:

Call or whatsapp: +91 9933166900 / Email: