CZ Makers | Indian Fashion Jewellery Manufacturer - can i start Fashion Jewelry with $1000

$1000 to start Fashion Jewelry business

Well, as I am associated with a CZ jewellery company, I think yes.
With my work experience I have 2 cases like yours.

1-    She was from Nigeria (Lagos) and she was selling beads jewellery.
She contacted us about to start and she informed us that she can invest $1000 - $1500
for the first order with CZ jewelleries.
She was skilled in business and took her decision with intelligence. 
She decided to take 80 to 100 pieces only earrings all types and in multiple colours.
She well knew that in any kind of product, customer needs variety to choose from.
Amazingly it works. 
Very soon she got a good response and she gained the requirement for CZ sets too.
And her second order was $5000, and she took different types of necklace sets. 😊

     2 – Her name is Mrs. Patel living in Canada. She wanted her start a jewellery business from her home. She wanted to invest $1000 just like you. So first she took a survey about her local market that which types or pattern of jewelleries the people like most.  
And the what she found is, the simple sets or pendants are more popular or demanded.
So, she decided to took the pendants for half of the money and simple classy sets for rest of the money. And she gathered a good collection of sets.
And this works too. She is involved in business absolutely. 

So, with both the cases you can see that $1000 is ok for to start the business of CZ jewellery if you have the proper marketing plans and vision. 3 things keep in your mind before start.

•    Select your suppliers very wisely.
•    Check that your supplier has enough variety for your appetite. 
•    Check that from how many years they are sending goods to your country.
All the best to you.

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