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Different types of Imitation Jewellery in India


       India is one of the famous exporter of imitation and Real Jewellery. The imitation jewellery hub has grown up drastically within the last few years. It has good market demand due to sustainability and low cost. Imitation jewellery replaced the gold and diamond market in a vast proportion already. Many exhibitions are also being held for exposure and selling of quality imitation jewelry. Due to increased demand and value, it is now available in varieties. The imitation jewelry industry has a variety of artists and skilled jewelers who can make an amazing replica of every design. The ancient art and cultural diversity in India are very rich. It works as an inspiration for Indian jewelry makers. 

     Many large production houses like CZ makers, Indian fashion, etc. have started exploring more into the imitation jewelry industry. Nowadays it is possible to copy very detailed designs with the help of high-tech machines. Handwork with the help of advanced technology is a perfect example of perfection. Here are few types that reflect the Indian culture and artistry at its best. Most of the imitation jewelry makers comes from Jaipur, Maharastra, Gujrat , West Bengal etc. If you talk about diamond replica jewellery, which is CZ Jewellery is Basically manufactured from Different parts of West Bengal. CZ makers are one of the highly rated and recommended companies. It has been in the market for a long time. CZ makers generate a large proportion of their revenue from online dealing all over the World. There are customized deals for various customers with unique features and discounts. The terms and policy of the company are very user-friendly and easygoing. It gives the customers freedom of choice is not only the product but also the mode of transportation and warranty periods. The prices from CZ makers are always low compared to others with high-quality CZ ornaments. Some orders with special requests for any auspicious occasions are also entertained here.


Cubic Zircon Jewellery or American Diamond Jewellery

      Here comes the diamond replica of the market, CZ designer Fashion jewelry. The handwork of CZ jewellery is very precious and skilful. The majority of skilful Diamond jewellery artists come from West Bengal in India. It’s very tough to craft edges on the gems to make it more shining. It is equally brittle and reflective as diamond. This makes the handwork come more beautifully. Nowadays CZ or knowingly AD jewelry is available in varieties of color patterns. It is uncreative and the color of the gem doesn’t fade away with time. Once plated in 24 karat Gold or Rhodium plate, it will be bright and mesmerizing for long years.

    Cz Makers known for its quality and similarity with real diamond jewellery as well as light weighted jewellery too, it will be very difficult for you to differentiate between real and this imitation.


Rajasthani Kundan jewellery

    It is one of the best traditional jewelry designs to reflect the beauty of India. In ancient times, this jewelry was the pride of Royal families. It is such an elegant design that possesses the charm to impress any individual. A traditional look can get no better without a little mix with these Rajasthani Kundan special edition imitation jewelry. The looks of large and shining gems come out brightly through the grip of thick plates. It is the best fit for the wedding ceremony and other rituals.

Because of its traditional look its limited to few parts of the world and some age groups only preferring this type of jewellery.


Pearl replica Jewellery

    We all are great fans of pearl necklaces and earrings. The shining white pearls never fail to attract our attention. The imitation jewelry industry has come up with its style jewel replica. It has bound the beautiful spheres of gemstone and cubic zirconia into plates or lanes to make an amazing replica of Zaveri pearl jewelry.

    This imitation pearls are made of glass basically and gives you real pearl jewellery looks. As we all know glass or crystal jewellery is low dense jewellery and become black or white early because of dust and moisture available in the environment.


Copper made Polki Jewellery

    The imitation jewelry industry has one more precious option for gold lovers. It is amazing and light weight copper made Polki jewelry. The craftsmen who indulge in the making of this jewelry are very rare and perfectionists. It takes a lot of time and patience along with skills. The specific design is popular for armlets, anklets, key chains, and many more. It is the most versatile design to fit every type of ornaments.

Small copper pieces are casted and filled by semi skilled craftsmen and imitation stones are glued to give it final look. Polki is also known uncut diamond, three to four hundred years ago this art was use to make royal precious jewellery with uncut diamonds of different shapes and sizes. Now the same been used with copper jewellery, Hence India & Pakistan is the prime market for this kind of jewellery.


Oxidized Jewellery

    It is a new trend in the imitation jewelry industry and would take some time to reach the peak. Still, the types of designs and color combinations that come out in this range, are brilliant. It is cost-effective and popular among no-makeup looks. Kids jewelry is the best field for the application of this trend. It is very much durable and long-lasting. It can go long and well with summer fashion clothes. It’s a perfect choice for a beach photoshoot.


Pachhi Jewellery:

    Its a Traditional art form of jewellery, which indicates the hindi word called ‘Panchhi’ (Bird), In this kind of jewellery stones are neaten with copper wire like feathers are attached in wings. Its very time consuming and craftsmen oriented work, the craftsmen found basically from Rajasthan of this for too.

Gold Plated Jewellery:

In the district of Midnapore and Purulia in Westbengal, Bengali gold craftsmen are making cheap copper made hand crafted jewellery with Gold Paint on it. Its resembling gold jewellery. In other part of the world, in Brazil these kind of jewellery also found called ‘Brazilian Jewellery’ which is very popular to African Community.


Crystal Jewellery or Roll chain jewellery:

    The Cheapest form of Imitation Jewellery is basically made in casting metal and glass stones, which is very cheap due to its raw material cost. But is damages a lot than any other jewellery even the glass stones change colours due to micro holes in glass stones.

    These are few popular choices of people within the country and abroad throughout the year. There are many more types of jewelry available in the imitation jewelry industry. Indian craftsmen are the best imitation jewelry makers in the world. They are capable of copying detailed to drastic designs incomparably less time. Everyone should check out the respective websites of mentioned industries for visuals of several imitation jewelries. Get the best imitation jewelry from its sources like CZ makers and Indian fashion in just no time. Check out the official website to go through more new and trending designs anytime. Direct orders from the production house will be cost-effective and easier. Book now for the specialized jewelry formation. We provide customized ornaments ranging from pendants to armlets. It’s all possible with CZ makers. The company has a vast fanbase for its unique and superlative ideas in jewelry making. It is more popular among wedding planners and the fashion industry for accurate replica.